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Sectors Feegenie Care

Sectors Feegenie Care

· Schools

· Colleges

· Universities

· Coaching Institutes

· Resident Welfare Societies

· Clubs and Gymnasiums

· Malls/Office Complex

· Associations and Autonomous Bodies

Feegenie is offering a web-based fee management system with its USP that is designed to resolve any kind of fee collection as well as fee payment issues within few clicks and it is providing a complete solution of online fee collection for many sectors like: Educational Institutions: Schools, Colleges, Universities, Coaching Institutes etc. and other institutions like: Gymnasiums, Clubs, Associations, Malls, Office Complexes etc.

Feegenie is designed in a way that it supports the collection and payment of fee online for these institutions above by its online fee collection/payment platform portal via secured payment gateways. The payers are encouraged to pay via Netbanking, credit cards or debit cards and E-wallets rather than standing in long queues and paying through cash or cheques, thus bringing India on the platform of Digital India.

Feegenie helps in making cashless payments in these institutions easy and delivers real time transaction updates with data to the users i.e. institutions and payers.

Our aim is to reduce the stress involved in fee collection for the administration and reconciliation the fees and of the same for the payers in depositing the fees and in turn save their valuable time.

Feegenie can reduce the administrative cost for the institution by reducing workload and cash collection cost.

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