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Refund And Cancellation Policy

Refund And Cancellation Policy

Our primary focus is complete customer satisfaction. So it is always suggested to read the fine prints of each deal before buying it, it provides all the details about the services or the product you purchase.

Fee Genie provides payment services and we do not entertain any Refund/Cancellation of any amount that may have been paid by the payer unless it is not approved by original the Vendor or purchase information is not updated in vendor\\\'s system. It means No Payment Cancellation/Refund is permitted from FeeGenie all refund related queries will be entertained by the Vendor only. Further in-case, any refund related assistance is required FeeGenie will connect and act as Communication Intermediary. All Successful refund are subject to levy of processing fee and refund charges calculated on transaction basis.

Any disputes in regards to payments/ refund/ cancellation of transaction(s) due to technical reasons are subject to arbitration / resolution on a case to case basis.

Only in case of non-feasibility of a service / product, refund is made by FeeGenie by discretion or Original service provide and vendor. The time for the refund for such cases is approximately 5 to 7 week from the date of refund confirmation by FeeGenie payment team.

In case of any disputes, FeeGenie payer(s) are required to email us with the specific concern on [email protected] .

The concern will be addressed in approximately 5 to 7 weeks, in case, any dispute is identified, it will be compensated by way of a discount / credit note adjusted in the account of the subscriber(s) as per direction of original payer.

Please Note: FeeGenie act at Intermediary payment processing system for making payments to the education institutes and individual Tutors by the its end users. It will be the responsibility of the payer to verify the product and services before making purchase transaction.

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