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Resident Welfare Societies

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The Resident Welfare Associations are societies that are formed to handle different issues and matters pertaining to its members. They act as the voice of their members and not only take care of ensuring good maintenance of the place but also represent members when and where needed on matters related to the place.

The Resident Welfare Associations take care among others, matters pertaining to its members such as administering the rules and bylaws of the association, collecting the monthly maintenance dues from the members and manage the funds of the association including its investments apart from accounting for the receipts and expenditure of the association and present the financial statements to the members.

They also are entrusted with the task of calling for and conducting periodic members meetings and also ensuring compliance with relevant statutes, viz., Municipal Rules, Societies Act Rules, Service Tax, Income Tax, Society by-laws, etc.

Membership for the RWA's is voluntary, and the leadership is usually elected by fee-paying members. Members who do not pay the voluntary subscription fee in any year may not vote in the general body and other meetings of the association since they would be deemed as having opted out of the membership of the voluntary association.

Feegenie helps a Resident welfare associations/societies to get their fee (whether it is registration fee or monthly/annually fee) to be collected online by the use of Credit/debit cards, Netbanking or E-wallets.

The fee to be paid has to be decided by the committee elected for Resident welfare associations/society and any kind of fee as approved from any Resident welfare associations/societies' either it is:

1. Customized form fee collection online

2. Monthly membership fee for societies

3. Yearly subscription (if opted by members and approved by RWA's)

All kind of fee for an RWA can be paid online with Credit cards, Debit cards, Netbanking or E-wallets with Feegenie.

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