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Security and Safety

Security and Safety

FeeGenie offers a smooth, fast and frictionless fee payment solution.

Security is in the DNA of FeeGenie.

FeeGenie have several security layers to keep its user's data and transactions safe. FeeGenie uses several encryption algorithms to store the data. All authentication data is stored using one directional (non reversible) algorithm like md5.

Transaction Over Secure Connection: FeeGenie is shielded with 2048bit RSA Public key based HTTPS (SSL) Connection, highest available till the date to ensure the end to end safe and secured transactions.

FeeGenie is verified by Godaddy.com for its authenticity and security using Organization Validated (OV) Certificate which proves that FeeGenie owns the domain and FeeGenie Online Services Pvt. Ltd is legitimate. This reassures FeeGenie website visitors, as a fraudulent website would never pass these checks-points.

3-D Security: For All payments made by end users, FeeGenie ensures it to be verified by 3D Security authentication before completion. A multi-tenancy system is placed to keep an individual's data safe and secure.

Fraud Detection & Prevention system is also placed to avoid misuse of the customer's transaction data and reduces the charge back.

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